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Legacy Luwak Mandheling Wild Civet/Luwak Coffee $50.00 Free Shipping Worldwide

Wild/Uncaged Civet cats(Luwak) Coffee: Only the ripest and best red cherry coffee beans are picked by the expert(Asian Palm Civet Cat/Luwak), Fermented with their enzyme, Handpicked by our bean collectors from the jungle, Washed hygienically using spring mountain water, Freshly roasted/grinded before shipping. Packed in a 100 grams degassing container. Website orders will get exclusive gift box

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Legacy's Bali Bali Arabica Coffee $25.00 Free Shipping Worldwide

Handpicked In the mountainous area of Batur Mountain, north eastern Bali, Kintamani. Processed by Wet & Wash Process, Fermented for 36 hours, Roast/Grind/Pack before shipping. Bali Arabica has medium body, medium acidity, less astringent, fruity(lemon taste), and good aroma. Comes with One Valve degassing 250 grams container.

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Legacy's Lampung Lampung Robusta Coffee $20.00 Free Shipping Worldwide

There's no Robusta like a Lampung Robusta. Lampung is famous for its Robusta. Lampung Robusta has strong caffeine, Good robusta flavor, Strong body, Bitter hints, Very good aroma. Packed in a one valve degassing 250 grams container to protect quality of the coffee. Medium to Dark Roast

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